Month: April 2021

Bootleg: “Place du Parvis” from The Flaying!

There are critically acclaimed records and there are award winning triumphs and 25 months ago Canadian Death Metallers The Flaying won the Gala alternatif de la musique indépendante du Québec (or GAMIQ) award, the Canadian version of a Grammy, in the “Metal Album of The Year” category for their debut full-length “Angry, Undead”. Returning to

Playthrough: “Gore” from Evile!

Finally able to celebrate the release of their highly anticipated new album “Hell Unleashed” via Napalm Records, Huddersfield Thrash revivalists Evile have turned the spotlight on single “Gore” as mastermind Ol Drake gives us a lesson on how to play the ripper of a solo. The new album marks their first since 2013 as well

NEWS: Witherfall travel to Boston!

The growing collection of cover songs that the Great Plague years have seen is being joined by another moment of splendor. Witherfall are releasing a special cover of the illustrious “foreplay/long time”, entitled “Long Time (long version)” by Boston. The song has been available as acoustic version on “Curse of Autumn” as well as slightly

NEWS: ThisCityIsOurs announce new album “Coma”!

It may be six months away but with their new single “Coma“, recent Arising Empire signings ThisCityIsOurs have announced at their sophomore album of the same name will be appearing via the label on 22nd October! The follow up to the well received “Low” is already available for pre-order here as on the single streams and

NEWS: ChuggaBoom re-create perfection!

What do you do when you can’t tour and you’re bored of video games, beer and pizza? After 6 years long years the 16-bit Super Nintendo Metalcore classic music video “Mad Skills Brah!” has been resurrected from the graveyard as ChuggaBoom have completely re-recorded their debut album. Mastered by Joel Wanasek and rebranded “Zodiac Re-Arrest”

NEWS: Spiritbox enter the circle…

…it’s about time we had some new music from Spiritbox as they’ve been as bold as brass about working on it. The Rise Records signings have given us “Circle With Me” which is as blatant a call to the circle pit as you can get, especially with the huge breakdown and colossal vocal range of

NEWS: A Killer’s Confession get trapped…

It seems like director Domonick Giorgianni is the go-to guy for A Killer’s Confession when it comes to music videos, the metaphorical 5th member of a band that has former Mushroomhead members Waylon Reavis and Tommy Church within their ranks. It’s their fourth since sophomore album “The Indifference of Good Men” as they are waging

NEWS: Attila crush with “Metalcore Manson”!

Having sold out of hit sauce, Atlanta Georgia Party Deathcore animals Attila have been fired up in the studio and following the drop of “Clarity” earlier this month have gone full debauchery with a music video for another fresh one. Going by the name “Metalcore Manson“, Chris Fronzak, Chris Linck and Kaleb Blehm continue to

Review: “Ritual Warfare” by Temtris

Hailing from Shoalhaven and Sydney, New South Wales, Australia are a five piece Metal outfit who originally formed 21 years ago as Labyrinth then rebranded Labyrinthia before finally ploughing ahead under the moniker Temtris. For original members Anthony Fox (Guitars) and Genevieve Rodda (Vocals) the unveiling of “Ritual Warfare” marks the bands sixth studio album