NEWS: Nahaya come out of incubation…

Can you name a Texan-based band that is an amalgamation of American melodic groove thrash, Gothenburg sounds, and Middle Eastern influences? That would be Nahaya who feature in their ranks members of Oceans of Slumber, Vesperian Sorrow, ex-Kingdom Collapse, Painting The Massacre and Cerebral Desecration who will be unleashing their new album, entitled “Vital Alchemy” via Rockshots Records on 21st May. The album is the follow up to the bands well received EPs “Transcendence Pt. II” (2020) and “Transcendence” (2018) and Mastered by the legend that is Jamie King (Between the Buried and Me, Scale the Summit). They’ve premiered a second new cut from the 7 track affair in “Incubator” with those all important pre-orders available here


The band comment: “We think a song like this will be the inspiration for us to experiment more with our sound in the future. Lyrically, Incubator is inspired by the book “In the Dark Places of History” by Peter Kingsley. The book speaks about a form communion with Gods and Goddess while in meditative trance/deep sleep, sometimes under the guidance of oracles and spiritual individuals of the time

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