NEWS: Primal Creation napalm Social Media!

The addictive mid-tempo groove of the second single from the fast upcoming new album from Primal Creation isn’t the only thing that they’re hoping you hear as lyrically Koen Mattheeuws touches on the subject of social media and how it influences everyday life for a lot of people asking how much of that is real? 16th April will see some beers shared by the Belgians as they get the fans reaction to “News Feed“, their sophomore album on release day.

Here’s what lead-guitarist Ruben Dhaene has to say about Lie / Share / Subscribe: “We’re particularly happy with how this track turned out. Next to some classic thrashers on News Feed, we also wanted to give these other new ideas we had a shot. We think the strings on our axes do their job pretty well. We hope you enjoy it!

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