NEWS: Vexed unleash 3rd new single “Misery”!

A third stand out single from the upcoming highly anticipated 21st May major label debut album “Culling Culture” from Vexed is upon us. Titled “Misery” it’s another ruthless gut punch of a cut with absorbing lyrics that continues the momentum the band have built up over years of hard graft prior to landing a deal with Napalm Records.

On the new single the band comment: “Anxiety is a demon powerful enough to posses anyone and can leave the strongest of us feeling helpless. “Misery” is an inner monologue of an anxiety riddled mind constantly over-analysing and catastrophising. Taking inspiration from a spectrum of genres, this track is a true musical representation of how drastically our thoughts can change from one moment to the next, often ending in confusion and “Misery”.”

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