Review: “Dead End Pt. 1” by WarCall

After four well-received albums under their collective belts in 2008’s “Demonarchy“, 2013’s “Blood, Guts and Dirt“, 2015’s “III” and 2017’s “Invaders“, DIY Canadian quartet WarCall have set their signs on unleashing not one but two new EPs in 2021. Each one is said to represent a different side to the bands coin and recorded and mixed in a post-apocalyptic setting, the first part is in-your-face, old-school-inspired metal, whereas the second part will be more progressive and atmospheric while being inspired by influences as broad as Iron Maiden, Dissection and Slayer. Naturally both were written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered entirely by the band who take a DIY work ethic to everything they put their hands to.

Opening but “Reckless” gets things off to a flyer with thunderous no-nonsense riffs with some inspired lead moments over the top of them while wearing those influences on its sleeve. It threatens to be a mid-tempo chugger but soon leaves the ground, elevated by a tirade of microphone abuse and rampant riffs which give it the fist clenched, punch in the face attitude that we all have after a seriously bad day. Bringing the rumbling thunder percussive battery “Death Wish“, a song inspired by the film of the same name then takes over, building to a whirlwind of circle pit inspiring section of Trivium esq lead guitar duels with everything being as precise as a military sniper and as powerful as the weapon they discharge. There is a raw gritty integrity to the brutally barked vocals which makes the themes of revenge with murderous intendent that much more connection to the listener, something which is felt throughout. The odd one out is “800x” which kicks off with a Punk Rock riff like a drinking song before bringing in some leads before changing up via some blasts to a more Traditional Metal track with a blazing extended solo. A fun cut, it grows on you with repeated listens. “The Chase” then follows a classic narrative of vengeance, as a man takes pleasure in the suffering of others which ultimately leads to his own downfall in a classic thriller plot twist, all told over virtuoso guitar work that leaves fretboards smoking and fingers calloused. WarCall are the kind of band who other bands listen to and take note while naysayers will find something to pick at the rotting corpse of, however for us, this servers as a mere starter for the promise of “Dead End Pt. 2” [7.5/10]

  1. Reckless
  2. Death Wish
  3. 800x
  4. The Chase

Dead End Pt. 1” by WarCall is out 23rd April via Plan B Music

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