NEWS: Karpenter premier “Mechanical Sense”!

Named in tribute the the Grand Master of Horror that is John Carpenter, Italians Karpenter will be unleashing their album “Sleepless” via Rockshots Records at the end of the week. A gateway to a new kind of hell, a tormented and hostile World in which time and space are perceived in a distorted way, each song on the album is based on a horror movie theme that tips the hat to one of the bands favourites. Perhaps the final music video for the album has been unveiled in the demonic possession fueled “Mechanical Sense” with our very own review of the record due real soon…

The band comment: “This song is here to make a clear point: we can play hard and heavy if we want. “Mechanical Sense” is like a fast train running with no rails and boundaries. It is clearly a speedy metal song filled with stunning melodies and majestic mid-tempo openings. It’s a no-brainer when it comes to the power of sound and it is so funny to play! ” 

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