NEWS: Neker premier “Like There’s No Tomorrow” in glorious black and white…

…with pre-orders available over at bandcamp! The Italian Sludge Metal trio have joined the growing roster at Time To Kill Records that already includes the talents of Soul Dragger, Crawling Chaos, Across the Swarm and Infiltration to name but a few, for the follow up to 2017’s “Louder“. Originally a solo project of bassist and vocalist Neker who founded the project in 2015, he met guitarist Alessandro Eusebi and drummer Daniele Alessi before recording with them in 2016-2017 which led to European and even Canadian tours. “Like There’s No Tomorrow“ serves as the first single from the bands sophomore album “Slower“, described by the band as being “…a slow, dark and heavy album. While maintaining a strong identity, it ranges from tight and violent songs to melodic ambient ones with slow dark riffs” and due out 18th June.

Neker comments: “I’m a bassist and a singer looking for new sounds with a special fondness for Ninenty’s music. I’m a big Phil Anselmo fan but I grew up listening to many different genres from acid jazz to hardcore. When writing my riffs, I’m usually inspired by bands such as: Down, Crowbar, Every Time I Die, Melvins, Mastodon, Doomriders, Type o Negative. I’ve no important messages to spread. I express my feelings or sing songs, at most. I do think people are fed up with messages, they just need to get lost in good music

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