NEWS: Param-Nesia premier “Pestilence of Man”!

Two years after their aptly titled 2019 debut EP “The Beginning“, Canadian quintet Param-Nesia are once again about to reign supreme with a fresh set of Technical Death Metal cuts entitled “Aspect Of Creation“. Originally founded back in 2016 by guitarist Andy Cahalin who started writing and recording while fleshing out the band at the same time, they’ve gone from strength to strength and have given us a preview of the record, due out 18th June, with their music video for opening cut “Pestilence of Man”. Pre-orders are available over at bandcamp.

Param-Nesia explain how the single came to be in their own words: “Devastating brutality delivered in a groove-driven whirlwind. This song kicks off with a war cry-worthy group vocal chant backed by pulverizing guitar and drum work. Book tomorrow off, your neck will be sore! This song was initially inspired in the most ridiculous way, Andy Cahalin wrote a riff, (the intro) played in a fast rushed feeling way, then a Doctor Pepper/Dr. Dre commercial inspired him to SLOW IT DOWN, and the song found its groove. Absolutely insane, but it’s the truth!”

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