Playthrough: “Wilting In The Light” from Light The Torch!

If you happened to be wondering who the man behind the grassy knoll was when it came to gracing the drum stool for “You Will Be The Death Of Me“, the upcoming new album from Light The Torch (ex-Devil You Know, ex-Killswitch Engage, ex-All Shall Perish, Bleeding Through), then the answer isn’t too far away. Having done some incredible work with Whitechapel and Intronaut, Alex Rudinger was given the job and 25th June will see it’s release via Nuclear Blast. He actually recorded the parts in February 2020 in the studio with Francesco Artusato, Howard Jones and Ryan Wombacher but due to the… Anyway, he’s thrown down “Wilting In The Light“, which is one of two singles that the band have shared in the pre-release campaign thus far.

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