Review: “Casus Belli” by Entrenchment

Meet our first salvo, the first anti-aircraft projectile, framed by the voice of Death itself. We are not alive, we are only crumbs of bodies, and this music is our posthumous horror” ~ Entrenchment

Moscow, Russian old school Death Metal trio Demether (vocals), Yuri (guitars, bass), Sergey (guitars, drums) began conscription for their Army at the end of March before unveiling their debut EP “Casus Belli” a month later. They describe themselves as playing in the style of Bolt Thrower as they pull out the pin and launch their hand grenade our way; the significance of the 22nd April release date being an important one – this was the date when the Russian Army entered Berlin in 1945; the title meaning “an act or situation that provokes or justifies a war“…

War themed Death Metal has been something that has plagued our ear drums since the dawn of time, bands like Infiltration leading the charge from Russia and spilling their blood in the same mud as Entrenchment. Theme aside however, the two bands are Worlds apart, churning Death Metal riffs and programmed drums propel Entrenchment forward like the charge of the light brigade, giving them a harsh and almost primitive undercurrent to their brooding, menacing offering and when it comes to the crunch they sound like a beefed up version of Max Cavalera’s Nailbomb project. The sinister moments of “Phantom Pain” are bolstered by some eerie lead notes, the air raid siren samples a nice touch that help to break up the otherwise relentless pummellings, Demether’s throat splitting vocals the equivalent of a heavy artillery attack shelling your ear drums and turning them into rubble over these three cuts, such is the power of his brutal bark and if that is indeed the voice of death’s call, then whisper back, “bring beer, it’s going to be one hell of a ride“. Back in the day, American Thrash acts spoke of the aftermath of the Vietnam war lyrically, running on themes of paranoia and post traumatic stress syndrome and Entrenchment do something similar here, playing on themes of those who have lost their limbs and those who have been trampled into the dirt and left for dead as Soldiers carry out their commands, Demether playing the role of the victims with consummate ease. The Groove laden “Flesh Basket” adds gasoline to an already raging funeral pyre and by the end of this short, sharp release you’re left with the distinct impression that this is only the beginning for this band; they have plenty more tales of dead men to tell [7/10]

Track listing

  1. Proxy War
  2. Phantom Pain
  3. Flesh Basket

Casus Belli” by Entrenchment is out now and available over at bandcamp

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