NEWS: Rituals premier title track of upcoming EP “Awake”!

After a string of singles through 2020 in “P.O.V“, “Snakes Head” and “False Royal“, fast emerging Northern powerhouse Rituals have set 3rd September as the date to launch their ship into the seven seas of Metal. It comes in the form of EP “Awake” which is already available for pre-order here coinciding with the surfacing of a music video for the title track, something which sees them embrace a heavier sound while layering in the melodies of old.

The band remark about the EP: “Awake is a combination of thought processes. It is about developing a sense of self-worth, whilst realising false realities, and remoulding yourself into the person you’ve wanted to become. Musically, it is a collection of four songs created in a heavier vein than our previous material, as we strive to constantly evolve our sound.”


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