Review: “Masquerade Among Gods” by Godhead Machinery

A rising force in Swedish Blackened Death Metal, Godhead Machinery have risen to prominence over two critically acclaimed albums since they formed in 2014. Across 2017’s “Ouroboros” and 2019’s “Aligned To The Grid” they have served their purpose as a tool to analyse how religious beliefs infiltrate laws, policy, behaviours and moral codes of modern society, believing that by identifying these influencing factors, human beings can confront and break free from them. Joined by Polish blast-machine Krzysztof Klingbein (Avatar of Hate, Resurrection, Rituals) as a session musician gracing the drum stool, the band have stated that this EP serves as a taste of what is to come as it shares the same conceptual ideas as a forthcoming album, an opening act to an exploration of human filth through Swedish Blackened Death Metal.

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Magnus Jonsson of Milk Studio “Masquerade Among Gods” sees Godhead Machinery in a reflective, sombre mood as they tear limb from limb a quartet of new cuts that seek out the parasitic and lay waste to them with the heel of their boots. Niklas Ekwall is as ever the perfect Black Metal vocalist, his snarling, raspy voice leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. His range has grown over the bands seven years together and this new material finds him at his best, both vocally and lyrically with new fire in his guts making for a more engaging and enthralling listen. A brooding, menacing and sinister Black Metal affair, subtle tempo shifts, nuances and pulverising percussive battery are what makes this special, wave after wave of black acid nausea sweeping forth to drown you with short lulls between each attack. The title track sees the band at their most darkly vibrant, as they speak of their disgust at those who pretend to be something they are not, the dark swirling moods creating a rip tide to drag you under. The melodic and mournful lead guitar parts of “Vulture Excarnation” underpinned by such powerful rhythms that on paper the two never should meet while “Upon His Deceitful Star” contains the heaviest moment with a crushing set of Death Metal riffs accompanied by Ekwall’s deathly growls. Everything is however stitched together perfectly as if abiding by the rules of a concept release, the music interweaving to the point that you almost couldn’t have one of these cuts alone without having the rest. Godhead Machinery have ascended the mountain, only the towering inferno awaits [7.5/10]

Track listing

1. Magna Mortalitas
2. Upon His Deceitful Star
3. Vulture Excarnation
4. Masquerade Among Gods

Masquerade Among Gods” by Godhead Machinery is out 2nd July 2021 via Black Lion Records and is available over at bandcamp

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