Review: “Born Suffer Die” EP by Sacred Sin

Portuguese Death Metal purveyors Sacred Sin are preparing to release a full length album later this year and have advanced an EP worth of songs to give us a glimpse into what blood and thunder that might contain in the form of “Born Suffer Die“. Recorded at Rock n’ Raw studios in Lisbon in December 2019 and produced by the band themselves – Jose Costa (vocals & bass), To Pica (guitars), Luis Coelho (guitars) and G. R. (drums) – who can be considered veterans as they have been creating Death Metal since 1991, even if there have been some line up changes in that time.

This new EP marks the return of guitarist To Pica to the band and he’s very much at the heart of all of this new material. “Born Suffer Die” has some real chainsaw guitar tones and sinister riffs which have haunting lead work over the top of them. Coupled with the furious Death Metal growls of Jose Costa who manages to tread a tightrope of throat shredding uncleans in the same way that Tom Araya of Slayer does, that is to say unclean enough to boil water at 20 paces but also being clear enough that you can understand the lyrics. Occupying similar territory to “Arise” era Sepultura with heavier accenting in the vocals and pheonominal percussive sounds from G.R., “False Deceiver” is a powerhouse cut that is sheer class. Closing with an answerphone message of verbal abuse it sets up the breakneck paced “Cursed” perfectly. Changing their game with some raging almost spoken word rhymes of violent aggression at the gates of hell, this one reminds of Anthrax. Its an interesting move but works really well given the sheer amount of vocals so this EP has left us wanting the album [7/10]

Track maybe listing

  1. Born Suffer Die
  2. False Deceiver
  3. Cursed

Born Suffer Die” by Sacred Sin is out now via Lusitanian Music and available over at bandcamp

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