Track Review: “Parasitic” from Beyond Extinction

Sometimes its really easy to know when you’re onto a good thing and with single “God Complex” from their January released bone crushing EP “The Fatal Flaws Of Humankind” hitting the better part of 24k of Spotify Streams, Beyond Extinction returning to Matt Williams at Soundlab studio (Collected, Hunting For Wolves) for production and recording new single “Parasitic” was as inevitable as your ice cream melting in seconds on a hot summers day.

Parasitic” marks the seventh deadly sin from Beyond Extinction since 2019 debut single “Dunestrider” and with each one they seem to have got that much darker; this one being no different with Jasper Harmer once again laying waste to our ear drums with some truly caustic vocals. Lyrically intelligent despite the average age of the band being 17, the flow of dark tales continues here over some suitably sinister and menacing riffs as the band sit in the gap between Death Metal and Deathcore on this one with tow truck summoning breakdowns that are designed to snap your neck at 60 yards. A mid paced pummelling monster with groove for days, once again they prove that age is just a number. Long may they continue [8/10]

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