Playthrough: “Restricted” from Alpha Wolf!

Once again raiding the archives that you get unlimited access to if you sign up for their Patreon, Australian Nu-Metalcore Kings Alpha Wolf have picked a playthrough video for “Restricted” for our viewing pleasure. Here’s a rig rundown for the guitars: Sabian Lynch plays an Ibanez RGD61ALET with Ernie Ball 10-74 strings in FDGCFA tuning which we’ve somehow managed to make sound like our Subway order while Scottie Simpson does his damage with an ESP LTD M-7HT which has been modded with a Fishman Fluence Modern pickup, Evertune bridge, the same gauge Ernie Ball strings and tuned in FDGCEAD. They’ll be joining Thy Art Is Murder, Malevolence, King 810 and Orbit Culture in November and we can not wait

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