Playthrough: “This Disgusting Revelation” from Ingested!

While having to wait until March 2022 to be able to tour “Where Only Gods May Tread” with Vulvodynia, VCTMS and Bound In Fear, Mancunian Deathcore tyrants Ingested have followed the lead of Welsh counterparts Venom Prison and re-recorded their prior works. They have chosen to celebrate “The Surreption” for its 10th anniversary and re-record the entire album in the cunningly titled “The Surreption II” with a drum playthrough video for the track “This Disgusting Revelation” chest bursting ahead of time.

Vocalist Jason Evans: “As some of you may know, the 10th anniversary of our second album “The Surreption” is fast approaching, and what better way to celebrate than to unleash this beast upon the world once more? That’s right, we have been holed up in the Ingested lockdown bunker hard at work to bring to you our second album the way we always wanted it to be. This isn’t a remix, or a remaster, this is a complete re-recording, a reimagining of an important, but often forgotten step in the path of Ingested. We never got to do a music video for the original release of The Surreption and we think that’s a shame, so feast your eyes and ears on our video for ‘Manifesting Obscenity’, and fire up the pre-orders for The Surreption II’, because this bad motherf**ker is available July 30th on Unique Leader Records.”

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