NEWS: DeadRise out for blood with “Crimson”!

It may have taken a while following teaser video clips of the band recording sessions for new material appearing on Social Media as far back as March but Southern California Theatricore outfit DeadRise have finally released their first new material to follow their debut self titled EP. It comes in the form of a lyric video and is titled “Crimson“…


The band explain: “This track is about individuality, Breaking the mold and fighting for your dreams and what you believe in at all cost. We all have anger,frustration and pain in the process of reaching our goals and dreams. But it’s about how you use that pain to your advantage is what will make that dream a Reality.. let it drive you.. Let it fuel you.. let it push you in the directions of never giving up! You will never know what you are capable of.. Until you go through tough times

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