NEWS: Last Hounds shed their skin…

…as the clock strikes midnight and the Earth turns cold, Midlands Hardcore Punk outfit, Last Hounds have dropped another single taken from their forthcoming debut album “Burden”, produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Myroslav Borys (Monasteries, Exemption, Confessions Of A Traitor) at Jigsaw Audio. As with their last outing, “Snakeskin” has been given a music video shot, directed and edited by Zak Poland of This Is Glass Life, while the album itself is set for release on 22nd October via Venn Records and follows two self-released EPs “Last Hounds” and “Old Dreams”.

On the single vocalist Mike Skelcher explains: “In life, people make mistakes. It’s an unavoidable truth. Nobody is truly perfect. Snakeskin is a song about how people try to shed their skin in an effort to cover up lies, or simply because they aren’t happy with the person they have become or are turning into. Far too many people try to shed their skin to cover up actions they aren’t proud and have often caused collateral damage to innocent parties around them. One of the hardest lessons you will learn in life is that you will cause less harm and better yourself as a person by facing your demons head on and admitting to your own mistakes.”

In celebration of the release of Last Hounds brand new album “Burden” the band will also be performing two album release shows:

26.11.21 – Birmingham, The Victoria
30.11.21 – London, The Black Heart

On those shows the band comment: “We felt it was really important to celebrate the release of our debut record with two dedicated headline shows and give it the recognition it deserves. Every song we write, we write with a live show/crowd in mind, so to have shows dedicated solely to celebrate the release of debut record was really important to us. We want to give our record the recognition it deserves and have a fucking good party whilst doing so. The first of the two release shows will be in Birmingham, our hometown, which is super exciting for us. With so much time on the road, a hometown show is always welcome, giving us the chance to go mental with our fans that have been with us from the start. The second release show is in London, at The Black Heart no less, a venue that we have played many times before and absolutely love. The Black Heart had to fight to stay open during the Pandemic, so for it to keep its doors open ready for us to release this record is huge for us. We can’t wait to go back!”

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