NEWS: Spirit Adrift forge their future with “Wake Up”!

Set for 27th August via Century Media and written at the beginning of the pandemic, “Forge Your Future” features three new songs that showcase Spirit Adrift at their strongest. Recorded at Homewrecker Recording Studio with Ryan Bram at the helm, the tracks were handed over to the legendary Zeuss to handle the EP’s mixing and mastering with the band continuing were they left off with the critically acclaimed “Enlightened In Eternity”.

Vocalist/guitarist Nate Garrett comments: “These songs, and this band, represent persevering through difficult times, staying true to your innermost self, and celebrating the life-affirming power of metal. We can’t wait to see you all live and in the flesh, in the meantime we hope you enjoy the tunes. The video for ‘Wake Up’ marks the third time we’ve worked with Guilherme Henriques, and these collaborations somehow produce better results every time. Guilherme has become a crucial contributor to how we visually express ourselves. For this video, he and I began by discussing a certain story arc from Alan Moore’s run on Swamp Thing  comics, and our own unique vision took shape from there.” 

He continues, “‘Wake Up’ was written at the height of the toilet paper buying frenzy. As usual, I was totally disgusted with humanity, and I needed to write about it. This song celebrates the reason we all got into metal/rock n roll in the first place. Music is a way of life that offers us freedom from the insane expectations of a sick society. While this video is our first foray into anything resembling fun or humour, it wholeheartedly delivers the sincere message of the song. TURN ON, TUNE IN, DROP OUT.”

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