NEWS: Due time for Fathom Farewell!

They may have been around in one form or another since 2014 but the Fathom Farewell who are ushering in a new wave of Metalcore have suffered from line up changes at every fork in the road. They have shared a video for “In Time” from their upcoming 22nd October via Blood Blast Distribution dropping EP “Kraken“. Lyrically, it’s one about the discrepancies in how people treat each other in modern society, but also is a commentary on how they are treated by those who feel mistreated.

The band comment: “There is a vicious cycle at play keeping us at each other’s throats, greedily working against anyone outside our direct circle in many cases, not because they are malicious but because they’ve been brainwashed to believe their fight for survival is frantic.  For some, it very well is absolutely, but there are many who carry these anxiety weights with them through each day with no relief.  In the song, we suggest that if we can find it in ourselves to understand we are all the same thing simply living different experiences, then we can find harmony.”

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