NEWS: Shadow Of Intent unveil “Where Millions Have Come to Die”!

Shadow Of Intent will be in Europe at the turn of the year with a tour that was originally for critically acclaimed Symphonic Deathcore record “Meloncholy” but will now be the first for upcoming new release “Elegy” but they are not the only ones and circumstances out of their control have dictated their actions. The latest burnt offering from the new album is “Where Millions Have Come to Die” which features a guest vocal appearance from Whitechapel frontman Phil Bozeman, the irony being that the new album from one of the genres heavyweights is also out this weekend…

We’re excited for everyone to hear one of our heaviest and most unrelenting tracks yet and would like to thank Phil Bozeman for being a part of it. Enjoy one of our favorite tracks to date, ‘Where Milllions Have Come to Die’ ” ~ Chris Wiseman, Guitarist

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