Riff Police! Pull Over! #162: Bullet For My Valentine Vs Parkway Drive!

Having clocked up an astonishing 19 million views on YouTube for the music video “Crushed” has to go down as one of the cuts that sees Byron Bay Metalcore merchants Parkway Drive at their absolute finest. There certainly can be no doubt that their fifth studio album inĀ  2015’s “Ire” from which it was taken like candy from a baby is the one which many fans will point to as the one. Their “Black Album“, “Reign In Blood“, “Burn My Eyes“, the one with which they cemented their status on Planet Metal like a boot print engraved in our collective skulls.


But it seems that we’re not the only fans of “Crushed” as the riff from the third single off of the fourth coming self titled album from Welsh Metallers Bullet For My Valentine, the one with the music video in which guitarist and vocalist Matt Tuck looks like The Winter Soldier James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes from Capitan America as portrayed by Sebastian Stan called “Shatter” bears a striking resemblance. Riffs like subliminal messages and ear worms have a habit of getting into your brain and not letting go so check this one out for yourselves…

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