NEWS: Saviour get reshaped by Greyscale?

In the year that sees them celebrating the 10th Anniversary of “We Were Once Lions“, Perth  Australian Melodic Hardcore six piece Saviour have announced their signing to Greyscale Records with a new single titled “Reshape Me“. At the label they join the likes of Diamond Construct, Justice For The Damned and Antagonist A.D. which could pave the way for some decent tour runs in 2022…

On the single, the band comment: “There are themes revolving around lacking confidence and feeling like a fragmented version of yourself. Sometimes it feels like everyone else around you is living a happier, more complete life than you are. And in this track we speak of trying to change negative ways in an attempt to become a better, more complete version of yourself. A version of yourself that people can better appreciate and want to be around

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