NEWS: The Baest will rise!

Their current long player “Necro Sapiens” might not be that old and the band might not be under pressure from label home Century Media but Denmark Death Metal powerhouse Baest have announced that they are already working on a follow up with the inability to tour sharpening the minds focus. The EP titled “Justitia” might still be very much in the works but a blistering performance cut of the first one from it in “Ecclesia” has already surfaced…


The band comments: “’Ecclesia’ was the covenant that led to the demise of Necro Sapiens. A foul circle of preachers, with their eyes set for domination. Ecclesia is the first single of our forthcoming EP release Justitia. It concerns the birth of the necro society, the church of the decadent rule. Recorded live in Lundgaard Studio, we continued the style of our 3rd record, emphasising our natural flow and groove, striving to make catchy and timeless heavy metal. Ecclesia marks a creative and musical challenge, that we set for ourselves after the release of Necro Sapiens. We wanted to test our abilities and challenge ourselves and our listeners. How far can we push our sound, and how diverse can our releases be? Be the judge.”

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