NEWS: Rule Them All follow the ways of faith…

Flatspot Records have continued to build the anticipation for the upcoming Kill Your Idols and Rule Them All split EP with a second single from the affair that was created boy the bands closer together than would usually be the case with both bands recording with Kill Your Idols drummer Anthony Corallo. The new single comes from Rule Them All, a melodic cut with dynamic riffs and a lyric centred around the struggle to take a leap of faith, following neatly on from their EP “Dreams About…” that synchronizes hard-hitting drums with harmonic riffs to form an unshakeable foundation over which the message in the vocals becomes crystal clear

Vocalist Jon Gusman comments: “‘Uneasy Faith’ is a song simply about taking a chance on something even if you don’t have all the fine details worked out. Sometimes, the only thing you have behind you when you take a leap of faith is belief in yourself and even then it’s not enough. It deals with the idea that expectation can hinder your progress and can even deter you from leaping all together. “

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