NEWS: Molten Chains seek the “Orisons of Vengeance”?

Known for blurring the lines between heavy, black, and avant-garde metal, Vienna Austria based trio Molten Chains have announced that six cuts recorded, mixed, mastered, and co-produced by Thomas Taube at Five Lakes Studios, Bavaria, Germany in August 2021 will see release on 6th May digitally and on compact disc with a vinyl pressing set for the summer. Titled “Orisons of Vengeance“, it is said to build upon the bands previous pair of records in 2019’s “In the Antechamber Below” and 2020’s “Torment Enshrined” with ideas that were hinted at in the past are expanded to their fullest, as beauty and savagery intertwine for a  concept album telling a tale of Shakespearean proportions. First single “Black Mantle” offers a taste of the darkness to follow…

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