Review: “Sadistic Rot” from Sadistic Force

Recorded and mixed by Vampyric Hell Mummy at Sweetheart Studios in Austin, Texas before being mastered by Jim Morris at Morrisound Recording in Tampa Florida, known for producing many landmark albums in the death metal scene from the late 80s onwards comes the fifth record and first split from Austin Texas Blackened Speed Metal merchants Sadistic Force. The fast rising trio began as a solo project of vocalist and guitarist James Oliver who is joined by Blaine Dismukes on bass and backing vocals as well as drummer Jose Alcaraz for debut album “Aces Wild“. That was released just five months before they decided to join forces will Hellrot with the band feeling like they’re in a rich vein of writing form…

… following on from where “Aces Wild” left off as of the trio hadn’t left the studio “White Hot Vengeance on Blackened Wings” finds Sadistic Force in similar territory to Betwitcher, the bastard child of Venom and Motorhead who sound like they should belong in frosty cold Scandinavian forests rather than the dry heat of Texas. The sound quality is in keeping with Black Metal traditions and on the raw and unpolished side, something which makes these tracks sound older than they actually are and making for something that could have been released at any point in the past two decades of Metal aggression. There the Black Metal burns away to make for something more Black ‘n Roll by the end, the whiskey soaked debauchery that no doubt follows the band like a plague evident in the caustic gravelly voice of Oliver, particularly when he’s tearing through the lyrics of “Razor Blade Fever” like a rabid dog with well worked gang vocal parts adding another dimension. Imagine a collaboration with Cradle of Filth frontman Dani Filth? Oliver proves his chop as a guitarist with a blistering solo to finish off the pair of tracks in style [7.5/10]

Track listing

  1. White Hot Vengeance on Blackened Wings
  2. Razor Blade Fever

Sadistic Rot” from Sadistic Force is out now and available over at bandcamp.

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