NEWS: The Daily Chase turn on the lights…

The Daily Chase are back to offer up one last anthemic single, “Light You Up” before the release of their new EP ‘The Colour Of Crisis‘, out 8th April. It’s the third of six, a heavy-hitting drum and bass inspired tune tells the story of losing a friend to the spiral of depression. This song is about tragedy, forgiveness and friends looking out for one another with the main line from the chorus “A thousand suns won’t light you up” translating to the fact that not even a thousand ‘good’ days can bring this person back from the darkness.

Videographer and drummer for The Daily Chase, Ben Heidrich, explains: “With the video for ‘Light You Up’ we wanted a story that was a direct narrative to the lyrics, but still made you feel something. All dancing in the video was performed on set to the actual ‘Light You Up’ track, which made the dance scene completely authentic and in line with the song

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