NEWS: Deathbringer search for an oasis in the desert?

Nailed to the cross of my beliefs Stabbed in my eternal wound of sorrow How I wish to turn my existence into life I see them; the ones I used to call humans. Non humans / Anti beings Show me the one they used to call God Before I will show them IT. No Father – no forgiveness Now let me speak. Hearken to what is true Give yourself to naught

15th July will see Deathbringer make the nightmares of Stephen King a reality as they bring us album “IT” via Unique Leader Records and have bought it to life with a music video for single “A Place To Exist” to follow “Inevitability (IT’s Whip)” as the third single. Social media has named guests Bobby Koelble Page (Death), Tommy Talamanca (Sadist), Mariusz Domaradzki “Thrufel” (Masachist, ex-Yattering, ex- Azarath, ex-Shadows Land) as well as a pair of representatives of the Belarusian metal scene in Igor Kovalyov (Nebulae Come Sweet, Woe Unto Me), Alex Sedin (Seven Daily Sins, ex-Thelema) as playing their part…

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