The Black Map #215: Row Of Ashes from London

Escaping Bristol and heading for the bright lights and streets paved in Gold of our capital city, while you throw down a couple of asprin and sip on an industrial strength coffee and wonder why you have a traffic cone in your bedroom it’s time we gave Row Of Ashes a short and yet sickly sweet introduction. A Post-Hardcore infused Sludge Metal fueled Noise Metal trio who not only melted our faces opening for Will Haven at the 20th Anniversary show for “Carpe Diem” at Camden Underworld with cuts from May’s “Bleaching Heat” but also won over the growing audience as they did so.  Comprised of Guitarist, vocalist WT Duffin, drummer Dan Arrowsmith and bassist, vocalist Chris Wilson, prior to that glorious night they had shared stages with the likes of Hundred Year Old Man, Urzah and Onrust, treading the boards as far afield as Belgium in doing so, even going as far as completing a European tour trek with a show in a different country each night. The new record is half an hour of power that we’ve been spinning ever since with opening cut “Worcester Man” being the place to start if you haven’t had the pleasure…

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