NEWS: Infinite Exile premier “Subhuman”!

Currently preparing new material for an EP release, Australian Groove Metal enthusiasts Infinite Exile have dropped a second single of 2022 in “Subhuman” which continues a heavier direction in their sound. The cut follows “War Is Here” with a dark tale of a man’s battle with a wrathful God as the quintet deliver another powerhouse performance, like likes of which we expect more of when the aforementioned EP drops!

On the new  single “Subhuman’, the band comments: “This track is the first time we’ve written something conceptually, and we wanted the music to create a tapestry that we could use to tell the story. The music carries the story, increasing in intensity during pivotal parts of the narrative. The vocals bounce off of themselves, with our singer lending his voice to both characters and building in intensity until reaching a roaring bridge and final chorus at the end of the track. We then had artwork and accompanying lyric video commissioned that we felt matched the tone of the music and tied the whole single together, giving the listener a platform to visualise the story happening as they hear the track.”

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