NEWS: Autumn’s Grief swim in “The Sea Of Apathy”?

Six long weeks after first single “The Tide” appeared Finnish Metal band Autumn’s Grief have confirmed that their sophomore album “Dead By The Dawn” will be released on 9th December via Inverse Records with the second single from it in “The Sea Of Apathy“. Known for combining elements from soundtrack music, melodic metal, symphonic metal and doom metal, the band was formed in 2021 by Santtu Rosén (Dead End Finland, Ex-Dying Daylight), Ville Skön (Willie Dangerr, Ex-Dying Daylight) and Noora Virtanen (TulioMusta Orkidea).

The band comments: The song is dealing the harmful dynamics inside of a relationship. The stubbornness and proud are leading the game. The need to possess and control has gone too far. The one’s will exceeds the other’s wishes and the rope around the neck is getting tighter. The once existed glow of the eyes is gone. But the time has come to rise from the sea of apathy. All hope is not lost and someone will come to ease the pain.

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