NEWS: Sophie’s Threat return with double impact!

After the premier of debut single “Infernal Manipulation“ last month Brazilian Melodic Death Thrash Metal quintet Sophie’s Threat have wasted no time in returning with the follow up. Once again produced by Michel Villares (M&H Studio), “Suicidal God” is lyrically themed around how society creates its own monsters, who always come back to punish us. In this example the story of the schizophrenic psychopath and serial killer Joseph Kallinger, who murdered three people including one of his children and tortured four other families was used…

We used excerpts from a real interview with the criminal in the beginning and end of the song, and in this interview he, schizophrenic, says that voices in his head told him to kill another three million people, his family and then kill himself to become a God. That’s why we named the single “Suicidal God””, commented drummer Tiago Carteano.

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