NEWS: Scattered Storm announce “In This Dying Sun”!

Featuring in their ranks members of No Life on Earth, Years of Cold, Pissing Razors, Hereafter the Wave, Mondoshawan, Section 6, Random Allusion and Limerance, El Paso, Texas based Metal act Scattered Storm have returned with the promise of a sophomore EP titled “In This Dying Sun” on 11th November via Blood Blast Distribution. The following up to “Oblivion” has been preceded by “Bloody Love” with the five cut affair seemingly taking a darker and more progressive turn…

The band comments on the single: “The single “Bloody Love” deals with toxic relationships in a nutshell. How we sometimes succumb to the other party and let ourselves go even if it’s destroying us inside. The music emulates the brutal emotional aspects going through our heads. The ending is the culmination of that torture by being like an addict and asking for more of that painful love

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