Review: “Born Into War” from Law Of Power

Recorded over three days with Taylor Young (God’s Hate, Drain, Vitriol) and mastered by Nick Townsend (Drain, In This Moment, Bad Brains) at Infrasonic Sound, “Born Into War” marks the Flatspot Records debut of Los Angeles Hardcore act Law Of Power. Having already shared stages with acts like Xibalba, Bury Your Dead and Terror the six piece boast a three guitar assault brought up on a diet of Blood For Blood and Sheer Terror and lyrics that center around experiences with drug addiction and the violent cities they grew up in. So how about some Hardcore?

With a run time of just six minutes this debut EP serves as something of an amuse bouche for a full length, just enough to give you an insight without giving away too much. Into those six minutes the band cram in as much intensity as they possibly can with “$80 Devil” charging out of the gate at pace, a classic Hardcore cut that has all the hallmarks of the genre with a distinctive edge. The drum sound is intriguing with some Death Metal style jackhammer footwork driving it forward like the caterpillar tracks on a tank before “Family Curse” comes in swinging. A fast one for the two steppers it threatens to burst into crossover Thrash territory with a groovy introduction but instead dials down the Hardcore with a bouncy bassline that finds the band in classic territory once more. They could have doubled the length of this one and you’d still want more, the gang chant moments of the title track being pure class, a ripper of pounding drums and abrasive staccato riff breaks, it’s the kind of Hardcore that Max Cavalera gets inspired by. Get ready for more from Law Of Power because on this evidence they’re going to be wrecking venues near you very soon [7.5/10]

Track Listing

  1. $80 Devil
  2. Family Curse
  3. Born Into War

Born Into War” by Law Of Power is out 14th October 2022 via Flatspot Records with pre-orders available here.

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