Throwback: “Unholy Cult” from Immolation!

The 20th Anniversary of “Unholy Cult“, the fifth album from American Death Metal pioneers Immolation should not go unnoticed, despite the success of the bands new album “Acts Of God” appearing via Napalm Records in February. The final album to feature the skills of Alex Hernandez behind the kit as well as being the first for former Angelcorpse guitarist Bill Taylor in the band and was recorded at Millbrook Sound Studios in May 2002 before the 22nd October release. Stylistically a steady evolution within the band to encompass not only Death Metal but also Black Metal elements with vicious intent and while it wasn’t one to turn heads outside of their die hard fan base at the time, against all odds it has stood the test of time. Here’s the title track at Stonehenge Festival in 2009.

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