Review: “Dragged Through Glass” by Throat Locust

Recorded at Harbor City Sound Lab in Corpus Christi Texas in late 2022, “Dragged Through Glass” represents the first stab in the dark from  Throat Locust and their introduction to an unsuspecting World. Comprising vocalist Gil Perez, lead guitarist Eric Calvert, rhythm guitarist Alex Gregory, bassist Matt Wood and drummer Rob Cantu the quintet are influenced by classic Florida Death Metal, seasoned with flavours of Bolt Thrower and trademark  Pantera Texas groove. Dreams of performances on the European Festival circuit all summer long and touring the globe maybe be realised one day but for now, they’re happy to crack skulls at basement leg parties in the Underground scene. So has their debut made a mark?

At just over 13 minutes “Dragged Through Glass” is the perfect length to get an insight into the direction the band are coming from and where they may head while leaving a first impression akin to a boot print left on the skull. Their first endeavours are an adrenaline rush of fast and furious riffs with combined with a thunderstorm of percussive battery and the kind of harsh vocal performance that makes you stand up and pay attention. Opening cut “Death Lurker” is nothing short of a savage assault on the senses. A Death Thrash anthem built on the foundation of a plethora of classic influences that has more than enough in its own right to get the heads banging while at the same time having that air of familiarity that makes it an instantly gratifying experience. The solo is an absolute ripper, straight out of the Dimebag Darrell Abbott playbook. The whammy bar sees more action in “Corruption and Greed“, another death threat that calls out those in power, as Calvert starts to show off without letting it run off the rails with virtuousness. “Axe Grinder” finds Perez at his gutteral finest in a merciless display that has the timeless appeal that sounds like Pissing Razors got in a fight with Dying Fetus. A classic piece of American Groove Death that feels timeless, it has the kind of broad appeal will gain them fans of other genres, cracking a smile on the face of even the most hardened of Metal Heads [8/10]

Track Listing

  1. Death Lurker
  2. Corruption and Greed
  3. Axe Grinder

Dragged Through Glass” by Throat Locust is out 6th January 2023 with pre-orders available over at bandcamp.

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