NEWS: Demonstealer wonders if too many cook’s spoil the broth?

Just when you thought you had it figured out along comes Demonstealer to turn your perception of reality on its head. That’s because with today’s latest in a long line of announcements the Indian Death Metal Demi God has actually given us three. First his new album which features a stunning array of talent will be releasing in March. Second it will appear via Black Lion Records. Third is will feature Sanjay Kumar of Equipoise, Greylotus and Wormhole fame shredding on a cut! Boom! Minds blown!

The daily death count so far…


Sanjay Kumar (Equipoise, Greylotus, Wormhole)
Dean Paul Arnold (Primalfrost)
Alex Baillie (Cognizance)


Kilian Duarte (Scale The Summit, Abiotic)
Stian Gundersen (Blood Red Throne, Glimt, The Dark Nebula, You Suffer)
Martino Garattoni (Ne Obliviscaris, Ancient Bards, The Chronicles Project)
Dominic Forest Lapointe (First Fragment, Augury)


Sebastian Lancer (Obsidious, Panzerballett, Juvaliant)
James Payne (Katalysm, Hiss From The Moat)
Ken Bedene (Aborted)
Hannes Grossmann (Triptykon, Blotted Science, ex-Necrophagist, ex-Obscura)

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