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NEWS: Demonstealer fire up the machine!

As the clock gets smashed in fear the countdown to the unveiling of “The Propaganda Machine” in its entirety continues at pace thanks to Black Lion Records. They have offered up another cut from the 31st March releasing, guest appearance littered offering from Demonstealer in the title track. For this one,  Indian Death Metal master

Playthrough: “The Fear Campaign” from Demonstealer!

Performed by Dominic “Forest” Lapointe of First Fragment and Augury fame and filmed by Benoit Nantel, here’s a fresh bass playthrough video for “The Fear Campaign“, the second single from the upcoming new Demonstealer album “Propaganda Machine“. Set for a 31st March release via Black Lion Records, the Death Metal record is an all guest affair

NEWS: Demonstealer bring fear to life!

In premiering the second single in “The Fear Campaign” from the upcoming Demonstealer album “The Propaganda Machine“, Black Lion Records have given us the opening cut. A wealth of talented guests join the Indian Death Metal multi instrumentalist and vocalist for what promises to be the social event of the year. Accompanied by cover artwork

NEWS: Demonstealer premier “Monolith Of Hate” music video!

Just moments after Black Lion Records began streaming “Monolith Of Hate” from the upcoming new Demonstealer album “The Propaganda Machine” a full blown music video for the cut has surfaced like the beast from the blue lagoon. The track features James Payne of Kataklysm and Hiss From The Moat fame on drums, Martino Garattoni of Ne

NEWS: Demonstealer premier “Monolith Of Hate”!

More Demonstealer news? Why not? Now that Black Lion Records have officially been announced as handling the distribution of the Indian Death Metal overlords new album “The Propaganda Machine” they have wasted little time in offering us the first single from it in “Monolith Of Hate“. The album, accompanied by cover artwork from Daemorph Art, was

NEWS: Final guest reveal for Demonstealer!

And on the twelfth day of Christmas Demonstealer gave to us… Not quite but it would have been hilarious watching the Indian Death Metal master melting the snow drifts of the festive season with the daily reveal of guests for his next album. This time out he tells us how it’s going to be:

NEWS: Demonstealer wonders if too many cook’s spoil the broth?

Just when you thought you had it figured out along comes Demonstealer to turn your perception of reality on its head. That’s because with today’s latest in a long line of announcements the Indian Death Metal Demi God has actually given us three. First his new album which features a stunning array of talent will

NEWS: The guest count reaches 10 for Demonstealer!

The 10th announcement in 10 days from the Indian Death Metal master that is Demonstealer is that of the second guitarist for his upcoming March or April releasing new album. The person he has hand picked for the purpose is Alex Baillie of Cognizance fame and that feels very much like kerosine has been poured

NEWS: First guitarist announced for new Demonstealer album!

And that man happens to be Dean Paul Arnold of Primalfrost. As with the previous guest appearance news this one comes with a short clip of the musician showing just what he’s going to be bringing to the Kings table, armed for the apocalypse with a classic Ibanez. The album releases in March or April