NEWS: Demonstealer tease “The Propaganda Machine” with final details!

After the daily announcements of guests musicians on the upcoming new album from Indian Death Metal overlord Demonstealer, we have a release date, track list, title, album artwork and a teaser video as well as pre-order options.

The Propaganda Machine” will see release on 31st March via Black Lion Records and is accompanied by cover artwork from Daemorph Art. Mixed and mastered at Hertz Studio in Poland (Decapitated, Hour Of Penance, Vader, Behemoth), here is the final tracklist and list of guest musicians…

1. The Fear Campaign (Hannes Grossmann, Dominic ‘Forest’ Lapointe, Anabelle Iratni & Dean Paul Arnold)

2. Monolith Of Hate (James Payne, Martino Garattoni & Anabelle Iratni)

3. The Propaganda Machine (Ken Bedene, Stian Gundersen & Anabelle Iratni)

4. The Art Of Disinformation (Sebastian Lanser, Kilian Duarte, Alex Baillie & Anabelle Iratni)

5. Screams Of Those Dying (Hannes Grossmann, Dominic ‘Forest’ Lapointe & Anabelle Iratni)

6. The Great Dictator (James Payne, Martino Garattoni & Anabelle Iratni)

7. The Anti-National (Sebastian Lanser, Kilian Duarte & Anabelle Iratni)

8. Crushing The Iron Fist (Ken Bedene, Stian Gundersen, Sanjay Kumar & Anabelle Iratni)

The complete guest list.

Orchestrations and Keys

Anabelle Iratni (Veile, ex Cradle Of Filth)


Sanjay Kumar (Equipoise, Greylotus, Wormhole)
Dean Paul Arnold (Primalfrost)
Alex Baillie (Cognizance)


Kilian Duarte (Scale The Summit, Abiotic)
Stian Gundersen (Blood Red Throne, Glimt, The Dark Nebula, You Suffer)
Martino Garattoni (Ne Obliviscaris, Ancient Bards, The Chronicles Project)
Dominic Forest Lapointe (First Fragment, Augury)


Sebastian Lancer (Obsidious, Panzerballett, Juvaliant)
James Payne (Katalysm, Hiss From The Moat)
Ken Bedene (Aborted)
Hannes Grossmann (Triptykon, Blotted Science, ex-Necrophagist, ex-Obscura)

Those pre-orders are available here.

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