NEWS: Torchia premier “La Magra” and build new Worlds in CGI!

While there maybe no cover art, title, track listing or release date as yet the third album from Finnish Melodic Death Metal necromancers Torchia is said to be arriving in the autumn via Inverse Records. The band have shared a sinister CGI infused music video produced in collaboration with Obliviart Productions for a first single in “La Magra” which follows on from the previous critically acclaimed pairing of “Of Curses and Grief” and “The Coven”.

“‘La Magra’ is a soul-ripping remedy found in evil and misery. For such a spiteful story, a touch of the melancholy of Finnish language was definitely needed. When it comes to the composition, the song is an unprecedentedly nasty Torchia tune, and the main riff takes no prisoners – without forgetting melody” guitarist Ville Riitamaa elaborates.

When we started writing the script, I soon realized that we are about go beyond this reality. The story of the song was simply crying for visual effects. The end result takes the viewer to another world” says vocalist Edward Torchia.

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