NEWS: Carry The Torch announce new album “Delusion”!

While yet to offer up a first single, cover art, a track listing and pre-orders have surfaced via Black Lion Records for the next burnt offering “Delusion” from Swedish Death Thrash quartet Carry The Torch. Set for release on 26th May, the album was recorded and written in the band’s home studio in Linköping, except for the drums, which were tracked down at Zokker in Mörbylånga, Öland by Björn Lindgren. For those unfamiliar here’s their 2020 single “Blackened Screams” while those pre-orders are available over at bandcamp.

Vocalist  Dennis Johansson comments: “This was feeling like we had something great all along, we started to play ‘Clear View of the End’ live quite early on, before it was even recorded, and that always was a popular song with lots of headbanging. I have said a few times that this album is heavier where it’s heavy, faster where it’s fast, and it’s got more dynamics than our first one (Obsession, 2019). I’m really excited to put this one out there for people to hear, because it contains great songs and a nerve that’s for me new, I have never been a part of a band that sounds this good. I’m really proud of the boys’ development and skills!” 

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