Review: “Self Titled” by Telomyras

Seattle Washington female fronted Traditional Heavy Metal quintet Telomyras have waited a fair while to release their self titled debut EP. It was recorded at Hanger 12 Studios in August of 2022 where it was engineered and mixed by Cody Brumlow, the bands only prior convictions a pair of demo cuts in “Ashes” and “Throne Of Ruin” which were released in the March and April of 2021. Inspired by both classic and contemporary metal bands like Iron Maiden, Megadeth and Crystal Viper, their focus is on writing riff-driven music with an emphasis on melodic phrasing, punctuated by progressive elements. As it that wasn’t enough, their lyrics comment on conflict and change through the lens of myth, personal strife and the reality of the world we live in… or so they claim.

Cambion” gets this one going with the old school stylings of early Judas Priest in the guitar department, the quality being perhaps purposefully a little rough around the edges, especially in the drum sound. It feels like in the studio Telomyras have purposefully aged their sound and perhaps even used analogue recording techniques to give them a specific sound and for what they are wanting to do it works perfectly. The cut has a blistering solo and a wonderful warm quality thanks to the clean vocals from Sammie Gorham who impresses throughout. There are a couple of moments whereby the vocal take feels a little rushed, as if the band are performing the record live in the studio but that doesn’t detract from it one iota. The latter half of the track brings more kick in the guitars and a death growl from a woman scorned in Gorham that was the last thing you’d expect given her earlier moments. A tale of a escaping a broken relationship, it is littered with late 70’s and early 80s classic Metal nostalgia nods as well as a couple of classy solos. In “Colorless” Gorham approaches Power Metal stylings with her vocal performance as she showcases her range with some higher pitched moments while the mix allows the basslines from Eric Thomas to shine as the band go from strength to strength. Perhaps less personal lyrically “First Blood” and “Hydra” are the finest moments of the record with each musicians parts fitting together in perfect harmony, another Death growl from Gorham confirming she has a darker side if she wishes to use it and the Iron Maiden like swagger makes this one feel like a demo from Trivium. Solos rain fire and if anything either could happily go on for another verse and chorus untroubled, such is the unbridled joy of the bands Traditional Metal offering by this point. Having previously been released in demo form “Throne Of Ruin” continues that flow in fine style, building from a melodic moment into a full throttle chant along fist pumping anthem. Once again with grand stature axe wielding duo Ephraim Grimm and Jack Schonher bring the nuances in slick style and by the end you’ll want to push play again, addicted to the sound of the sirens call [7.5/10]

Track Listing

1. Cambion
2. Colorless
3. First Blood
4. Hydra
5. Throne Of Ruin

Self Titled” by Telomyras is out 18th February 2022 and is available over at bandcamp.

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