NEWS: Alase prepare for the end of the World as we know it?

Finnish atmospheric Progressive Metal act Alase released a new single and music video for one called “Fate’s Intervention” a month after “Clear Sky Is Not A Curse” with both seemingly confirming an ecological concept to their upcoming sophomore album “A Matter Of Time“. That will see sweet release through death on 14th April via Inverse Records with pre-orders over at bandcamp and if it’s anything like the bands prior convictions will float between bleak melancholy and some solid riffs…

Guitarist Janne comments Fate’s Intervention: ” “Fate’s Intervention” single represents the rougher and darker side of the upcoming A Matter of Time album. We chose it as the second single, because we wanted to showcase also the heavier side of the album. Markus Hirvonen performed the vocals on the song which starts with heavy modern style riffing and screaming vocals. After the intro we move to a calmer, but ominous section. The song has lots of twists and turns, but the choruses are more straightforward and have a glimpse of hope. Alase is a fairly guitar-driven band, but we rarely have solos. However, for “Fate’s Intervention” me and Mikko both wanted to play solos. In a way, it was a shame to bury the good rhythmic riffs hidden under the solos, but we are sure that the sharp-eared listeners will pick them up there.”

Lyricist Ninni comments the lyrics and music video: “While writing the “Fate’s Intervention” lyrics, I could hear in my head that screaming vocals would be well suited for this song. In the text, I did not hold back at all, I just let it come out without censoring myself. Lyrics and music video reflect a person’s struggle with health problems. The screenplay of the music video had been waiting for a suitable moment in my desk drawer for quite a long time. Aarni Visuals created the music video skilfully and in his own personal style. The video supports the spirit of the song perfectly.”

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