NEWS: Alpha Wolf but not as you know it…

Ahead of their April European tour trek with King 810, Ten56 and Xile, Australian Nu-Metalcore aggressors Alpha Wolf have announced that they have created in collaboration with Mik a new compilation EP of low-fi reimaginings of prior works. Fan favourites “60cm of Steel“, “Spirit Breaker“, “Golden Fate Gut Ache“, “Don’t Ask” and “Bleed 4 You” have been named and shamed as appearing on “Shh” which drops on 31st March via SharpTone Records. So if you can’t get your head around down-tempo, beat-heavy chill tunes doused in twinkling soundscapes and atmospheric ambiance with an unsuspecting appeal actually means, here’s the music video for “60cm of Steel” that accompanied the news.

We think lo-fi as a genre is a great breakaway from our usual heavy tunes and it’s something we can show our family at Christmas without getting odd looks” tells the band.

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