NEWS: Jesus Piece count their blessings?

The highly anticipated sophomore album “…So Unknown” from Philadelphia Pennsylvanian Hardcore trailblazers Jesus Piece drops in just one month via Century Media on 14th April, ending a five year wait following 2018 debut “Only Self” for new material. Co-produced and mixed by Randy LeBouef (Every Time I Die, Orthodox) and clocking in at a lean and mean 28 minutes, a third single in “Silver Lining” has surfaced…

Drummer Luis Aponte promises: “This is as close to a JESUS PIECE experience as you’re going to get without standing in front of us. The making of the record was nothing short of all-consuming. It was an intense and challenging process. The record reflects a lot of confusion, but also, evolution. There was a lot of uncertainty and emotion during the pandemic– we all changed and grew so much. So if there is a single thought or concept to the record, it’s constant metamorphosis. That’s also how we operated as a band on this LP– spending a lot of time songwriting and fleshing things out as a unit, and then upping our game from there. It’s definitely a reflection of us as more mature, playing the best we’ve ever played and feeling like a real band for the first time

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