NEWS: Tribulation dine on Oysters!

On 7th April Swedish Death Metal act Tribulation will release a new EP titled “Hamartia” via Century Media Records. Recorded in Stockholm with Robert Pehrsson at Studio Humbucker as well as Linus Björklund (Lucifer, The Dahmers, Verminous) at Studio Ryssviken, before being crafted in mix by Tom Dalgety (The Cult, Clutch, Creeper) the four track affair has now seen its third single released in a cover of “Vengeance (The Pact)” by Blue Öyster Cult leaving “Hemoclysm” for the day of the release…

Adam Zaars (guitars) comments: “We’ve been meaning to do a BÖC cover for over a decade now, and finally got around to doing it. They’ve been a constant source of inspiration throughout the years as they always seemed to find new creative ways of doing their thing, which is what we’re always striving for. It will stand out a bit from what we usually do as anyone listening will find out soon enough! Fairly soon, I hope we can record something – an album before anything else. In some ways, I’ve already started writing, but I don’t have a complete song to show anyone yet. I’ve got a lot of material, so we just need time to piece it all together… We did a tour with  Watain, Abbath and Bölzer last year and that was great, and this year we’re going to focus on festivals… and writing new material!”

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