Exclusive Interview: Crownshard talk “Awareness”!

As lyrics muse on suicide, revenge, failure, depression, and perdition, recurring realities of human existence where awareness could be rediscovered, the concept of the new EP from Italian Death Metal machine Crownshard becomes apparent, the search for awareness, necessary to have a clearer and more balanced vision of our existence in the world and life in general an on going journey for some more than others. A second EP in five long years it is something that a lot of passion has been poured into and that in turn reflects in the mirrors image of the final product. We spoke to guitarist, vocalist and studio wizard Cesare Fioriti about “Awareness“…

How have you found the reaction to “Awareness” so far? “So far we have had very good feedback, I realize that it is important to understand the philosophy behind this kind of proposal, on some occasions it has been fully received and on others it has not”

As a concept the record condenses a lot of the lyrical subject matter down into just five songs. Do you think it is something you will return to as a concept with fresh eyes on the next record? How difficult did you find it to speak in tongues and write in metaphors? “No I think the next record will be about something else. In relation to the lyrics, the greatest difficulty is obviously to express concepts and create interest so that the singing is perfectly in tune with the song. You have to be extremely skilled and I have tried to do my best…I do not hide that writing lyrics in Italian which is my native language would definitely be easier and the lyrics would definitely be more precise, correct and effective. I do not exclude that in the future we might try to offer some songs with lyrics in Italian”

They say that the first bite is with the eye and looking at the cover artwork there is a distorted image of a Church in the trees; how does that tie into the concept of the record? “The concept of the record relates to the discovery of awareness that can often be found through extreme life experiences. The distorted church represents the awareness hidden deep within our minds. Being aware of our choices leads to faith in ourselves, the only faith we need”

The record marks your second EP in five years so do you consider the project something of a labour of love? “Love, cause this work is passion from the first to the last note, I personally took care of recording drums, guitars, vocals, mixed and mastered the whole record, listened to the tracks hundreds of times, I am lucky enough to collaborate with excellent musicians and wanted to give my all for this EP”

If we are made up of our genes and our influences, what is in your jeans and who would you consider your influences? Influences are many, regarding this project I would say in general extreme music of the 90s, in particular I could mention bands like satyricon, behemoth, death, at the gates, dissection…

What’s next for Crownshard? “We are working on new songs and what we are interested in is to produce better and better music, maybe it is too late to pursue a real music career but nothing prohibits us from creating new music”

Awareness​” by Crownshard is out now available over at bandcamp

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