Playthrough: “Mysterium Tremendum” from Hideous Divinity!

Cinematography isn’t usually a word associated with a playthrough video but as Technical Death Metal Kings Hideous Divinity have never conjured one previously, they’ve enlisted Roberto Gigliotti and Mattia Del Giudice of Eclypso Studio for this footage of “Mysterium Tremendum” with Enrico Schettino showing us how it’s done.

The band comment: “This is the first guitar playthrough ever made since Hideous Divinity was created… about time huh? This is however a special occasion, as I’ve the opportunity to properly introduce this Zead SKMK7 custom guitar model designed and crafted by the ingenious Marco Volpe, and already abused during our last European tour with Belphegor and Kampfar. Shout out to the Eclypso team for the amazing video shooting and to Stefano Morabito’s 16th Cellar Studios for the mix.”

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