Review: “Sins of the Past” by Intent

“We wanted to record these tracks because when we recorded our first album, our budget and other resources were very limited. In the end we felt we didn’t do the songs justice. Years later, now that we have more experience producing our own records, we thought it would be fun to take some of our favorite tracks from our debut and do them the way they were intended.” ~ Intent

Waging war on the World since 2015, Arizona based Thrash act Intent have been a band on the rise since opening slots for Overkill, DRI and Havok earned them a reputation for a high energy incendiary live shows. Comprising members and former members of Blood Loss, Varkan, Bombscare and Deserters their had a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve and haven’t looked back since. 2018 saw the release of their debut album “Vox Populi” and in 2022 its follow up “Exile” both of which were very well received and so taking a minute they decided to re-record a trio of cuts from their debut album for a new EP titled “Sins Of The Past“. Those cuts look to be their last with drummer Garrett “Spiderlegs” Loper who tragically passed away earlier this year.

Shorter, faster and more aggressive there is a sense of refinement that comes with these three cuts as Intent trim the fat and share studio versions of the songs as they perform them now rather than as they were written between 2016 and 2018. “Number 12 (Looks Just Like You)” kicks things off as a classic Speed Thrash affair of pummelling percussive battery with flame burst like solos that raise the hairs on the back of the neck and get the adrenaline pumping. A classic circle pit starter, it also has the gang chant in it’s armoury with hints at influences from Metallic Hardcore and Crossover Thrash lying just beneath the surface. “Insight” then rears it’s ugly head with a face melting sweeping solo and whammy bar closing that sheer class. A barbed attack of aggressive chugs and menacing vocals, it has a tasteful drop out for a sinister melodic moment before returning to the core sound for a galloping early Metallica inspired razor sharp riff onslaught to bring a smile to the face of even the hardest of Metal heads. “Network Failure” rounds off the selection with a groovy bassline from the bands newest addition Patrick Murphy who joined in 2021 replacing Alex Zucker. Another Thrash powerhouse with ripper of a solo, it’s got more energy than the Energizer Bunny after fifteen cans of Red Bull, galloping at an incendiary pace and leaving a trail of flames in its wake. There can be no doubt that Loper will be sorely missed because whoever the band find will have big shoes to fill on this evidence [8/10]

Track Listing

1. Number 12 (Looks Just Like You)
2. Insight
3. Network Failure

Sins of the Past” by Intent is out 25th August 2023

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